VirtualBox 1.5 released

Innotek the German company behind VirtualBox released version 1.5 of their virtualization product.

Innotek became famous with the programming of Virtual PC for Windows. The new version now supports 64 Bit Host operating systems and basically all Windows and Linux Operating systems (>2.4)

Virtual Box is an open source product and I will use in future in my home lab for virtual machines. I tested so far on it Windows Vista / 2008 Server Beta 2 and Debian Linux.

The new network stack within VirtualBox will be tested the next days when I setup the active directory connector between my openLDAP and the Windows 2008 Beta Domain. I am looking forward to this one 😉

Also for a project there is a plan to setup a Internet simulation with several domains and a website cache to test E-Mail notification using the new Siemens Xpressions Compact 3.0 hardware.

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Someone from developers of vBox needs some ass kick suisoerly ! I have heard a lot how vBox is state of the art free virtualization app and how everything is great and works ! In reality nothing but headaches and problems for things that should works out from the box !!! I don’t care that is free in fact with free software one has even more problems like free software free problems the more the freedom the more the problems ! Nothing seems to work as promised advertised network problems guest appliance not installing no network adapter in guests and so on !!! What they are doing ? Inventing how to bring user nerves sky high or what ??? If they can’t do it properly they should packs the bags and go raise vegetables and leave open source to handle it ! I’m pretty sure that such glitches under open source community would not be tolerated in long term and will be fixed pretty soon !!! But today we are losing nerves on crappy coding !!!

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