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Last week I spend about 10 hours installing my unified-communications.local domain. It is a Windows 2003 Server Domain containing five servers: Domain Controller with Sub C, Exchange 2007 Server, OCS 2007 Standard Server, OCS 2007 Edge Server and an OCS 2007 Mediation Server.

I tried to network the Microsoft UC applications to our HiPath Open Communications platforms directly but we still have the same issue as in the past with Beta 2 of Exchange 2007. Microsoft expects our signalling and payload in TCP instead of UDP. Siemens HiPath operates according the SIP standard on UDP RFC 3261. So I was looking for a way besides the eicon Call Control software and a hardware based QSIG – SIP router.

And I found it in the open source application sipX

It is a fully blown SIP PBX that operates on both UDP and TCP and can be configured as middle ware application. One leg connected to the HiPath STMI2 card and the other to the Exchange 2007 UM role / OCS 2007 server.

Currently I have some postgreSQL issues with my box but as soon I get them resolved you can expect a complete step by step guide on setting this up.

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Hii, I am also trying to configure our HiPath 3000 with HG1500 STIM2 card but i dont know what configuration to be made in HiPath or HG1500 card to make it working is OCS 2007 R2. Please provide me with some guidance and steps i need to follow in configuring the Siemens PBX, I`ll be very thankful to you. Hope hear from u soon.

Thanks & Regards,

Anil Aliyan

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