HiPath Xpressions

HiPath Xpressions V5.0 R4 (MRS 7.20)

About four weeks ago we got the official release of the new HiPath Xpressions version and I did not waste any time and upgraded some of our customers for test reason to this latest release.
Basically to say I am really impressed by its stability be definition and the absolutely easy installation procedure.
The key new features in my opinion are:

  • Windows 2008 Server support
  • Exchange 2007 connector
  • IP Apl with Cornet IP / H.323 support
  • IP Apl with T.38 FAX support
  • New Irish English Language Prompts

The new IP Apl configuration compared to the old MEB is way easier and quicker to do. There are no audio drivers required and you just need to enter the STMI IP address and it all pops up straight away (if the HiPath is configured correctly 😀 ) The new Exchange 2007 connector caused on my first installation some trouble. There is the installation of the ExchangeMapiCdo.MSI required but the version 1.2.1 includes an old mapi32.dll under c:\windows\system32 with the version 1.0.2536.0 – After tons of MAPI errors I changed that file against one of a Exchange 2003 Server machine 6.5.7638.1 and it all worked as designed and is as usual very easy to deploy if you are able to setup user access rights


Windows Home Server coming in November

Windows Home Server is about to be released in the close future!

For those who do not know the product it is a operating system based on Windows Server 2003 SBS without Exchange. Microsoft aims with this product families with multiple PCs that want to share file, printers and other devices.

As one of the first manufacturers will FSC release this product for about 600 Euro including 500GB diskspace and 800 Euro for 1TB diskspace. If WHS will be a success depents on the way microsoft is rolling it out with Windows Live!

This way you are able to access your files whereever you are and you are able to share it with whomever you want by some simple clicks. I have to say that I did not try the beta or the 120 day free trial so far, but in my eyes a NAS (network access storage) device can do thesame job if you administer it right?

A picture of the very well looking Scaleo Home Server 1500 is available if you click more…

Windows 2008

Windows Server 2008 release announced

Microsoft plans to release Windows Server 2008 on February 27th 2008 at an event in LA.

At the same tim MS will also release SQL Server 2008 and the Visual Studio 2008. All the releases will be worldwide on this day with this event.

The biggest strengh of Windows Server 2008 is NAP (Network Access Protection). This feature will prevent access to the network for devices that dont fullfil security requirements, for example an up to date anti virus scan or security patches. Also access to portable devices is then possible to be denied and the new IIS 7.0 is part of the instlaation.

The new Server Core mode is a light windows 2008 with command line only that should be implemented for dns services etc…

For all people interessted in the new operating system, you can download it free as Beta 3 from the Microsoft Homepage and try it easily in a Virtual Machine.