HiPath Xpressions Windows 2003 Windows 2008

OpenScape Xpressions V6.0 Web Client and Extensions

I am very glad that finally, five month after Cycos released MRS 8.0, Siemens managed to release the new OpenScape Xpressions v6.0 R0. I downloaded the new version yesterday and set it up quickly. The Voicemail / Unified Messaging part did not change much from Xpressions v5.0, the feature set is still the same and so is the installer.

New are some add-on features such as:

Web Conferencing

Voice Conferencing

Instant Messanging

Presence Profiles

Web Client

The first video will demonstrate you the new Web Client and Audio Conferencing! Unfortunately I only have a HiPath 3000 and no Dialogic card, so I cannot install SIP Control for the SIP Trunk that is required for the Audio Conferencing.

The other video will show you the new OpenScape Xpressions Extensions, the new CTI extensions for OpenScape Xpressions v6.0. The main focus is on Prensence and Instant Messaging.

*** UPDATE *** I have added a new video showing the Outlook Extensions, to schedule Web and Voice Conferences.

If there are any questions about the application feel free to contact me!

HiPath Xpressions

HiPath Xpressions V5.0 R4 (MRS 7.20)

About four weeks ago we got the official release of the new HiPath Xpressions version and I did not waste any time and upgraded some of our customers for test reason to this latest release.
Basically to say I am really impressed by its stability be definition and the absolutely easy installation procedure.
The key new features in my opinion are:

  • Windows 2008 Server support
  • Exchange 2007 connector
  • IP Apl with Cornet IP / H.323 support
  • IP Apl with T.38 FAX support
  • New Irish English Language Prompts

The new IP Apl configuration compared to the old MEB is way easier and quicker to do. There are no audio drivers required and you just need to enter the STMI IP address and it all pops up straight away (if the HiPath is configured correctly 😀 ) The new Exchange 2007 connector caused on my first installation some trouble. There is the installation of the ExchangeMapiCdo.MSI required but the version 1.2.1 includes an old mapi32.dll under c:\windows\system32 with the version 1.0.2536.0 – After tons of MAPI errors I changed that file against one of a Exchange 2003 Server machine 6.5.7638.1 and it all worked as designed and is as usual very easy to deploy if you are able to setup user access rights