Setting up a SIP provider on a Siemens HiPath 3000 PBX

Pre requirements:

HiPath 3000 V6.0 / V7.0 / V8.0 PBX
HXG 1500 card
Broadband Internet Access
A sip provider account (sipgate, qsc…)
HiPath 3000 Manager E
About 10 minutes time to set it up

You can view the tutorial online or download the PDF file here
First logon to the HXG 1500 and authenticate.

Siemens says: Certification Pioneer

Browsing through the Siemens Enterprise Communications certification website to check if there are any new certs available, I found my name on the latest news post. 

The post is basically about the first 3000 people being SOCx certified globally and I am together with four other lads the one and only certified person in our countries. (“Aldin Vucinic from Bosnia-Herzegovina, […]

OpenScape Xpressions V6.0 Web Client and Extensions

I am very glad that finally, five month after Cycos released MRS 8.0, Siemens managed to release the new OpenScape Xpressions v6.0 R0. I downloaded the new version yesterday and set it up quickly. The Voicemail / Unified Messaging part did not change much from Xpressions v5.0, the feature set is still the same and […]

How to export specific lines from a text/log file into a new text file using a DOS batch.

One of my customers using the AppGen on OpenScape Xpressions V5.0 R3 (MRS. 7.11) had a pretty usual query; they wanted to get a report that displays every call that hit the Auto Attendant outside the business hours. The CDR crew could not really get it done because the call is not in every case […]

HiPath Xpressions V5.0 R4 (MRS 7.20)

About four weeks ago we got the official release of the new HiPath Xpressions version and I did not waste any time and upgraded some of our customers for test reason to this latest release.
Basically to say I am really impressed by its stability be definition and the absolutely easy installation procedure.
The key new features […]

Siemens Answers

As a loving Siemens Employee I have to youtube this video and put it on my homepage. It is well made and shows what Siemens is about – no SEN but still – Siemens together we can do that!

How To Request A Trusted Server Certificate For HiPath Xpressions

We all know it. You browse to a Website and a Security Alert appears. The homepage should not be trusted. We only press Yes to continue to the homepage but in fact we can easily go by accident to a phishing page.
A not trusted certificate can also mean that the CA (Certificate Authority) was hacked […]

New Software and a nice URL

After a few month absence from my private life I am back and there is whole bunch of new software versions out on the market!
VirtualBox Closed Source 1.5.4
Fine new features like RDP, USB and also USB over RDP are available using the closed source version.
Asterisk 1.6.0
Lots of new stuff like new dial […]

HiPath OpenScape

Presence-Based, Real-Time, Multi-Resource Communications
Rising complexity of doing business in a global economy is an issue that has to be adressed from a communications perspective.
Siemens does this with a new multimodal communications application called OpenScape. OpenScape is an open, presence-aware, real-time communications software suite designed to quickly and easily synchronize people and information to […]

Bandwidth utilization bar