Website moved back to Germany

After one year in Ireland I finally moved back my homepage onto my colocation server in Germany hosted in the myLoc datacenter in Duesseldorf.

The Facts

  • Modern data center
  • 10,1 Gbit Backbone
  • Redundant Layer 3 Backbone Router
  • min. 99% reliability
  • Marken-Hardware
  • Argon fire-fighting system
  • Redundant air condition
  • Redundant energy supply
  • UPS and generator
  • 24/7 security service

The hardware and stats of the server can be checked below:


Windows 2003

PHP 5.x with IIS 6.0

Due to a hardware fault on our old web server I had to move this homepage to a new machine.

Previously we were running on Debian Linux with the Apache web server. The server I had “spare” is a Windows 2003 Server machine. I installed the IIS 6.0 on it and configured the PHP extensions.

I had serious issues getting it up and running on the different web sites so I will show you with this manual how you can easily install PHP on IIS 6.0 and troubleshoot if you have any issues.

For those who are interested here is the System Info of our new web server.

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