How to export specific lines from a text/log file into a new text file using a DOS batch.

One of my customers using the AppGen on OpenScape Xpressions V5.0 R3 (MRS. 7.11) had a pretty usual query; they wanted to get a report that displays every call that hit the Auto Attendant outside the business hours. The CDR crew could not really get it done because the call is not in every case […]

OpenScape ComAssistant V2.0

Below you find a video that shows you the look and feel of the call management using the OpenScape ComAssistant V2.0 R4.1.0. It is a basic licensed system, so the features Team View and Xpressions Integration are not working.

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HiPath OpenScape

Presence-Based, Real-Time, Multi-Resource Communications
Rising complexity of doing business in a global economy is an issue that has to be adressed from a communications perspective.
Siemens does this with a new multimodal communications application called OpenScape. OpenScape is an open, presence-aware, real-time communications software suite designed to quickly and easily synchronize people and information to […]

Bandwidth utilization bar