Status Update

Me is not dead!

After I finished my 1 year “BOS” in Weißenburg/Germany, I have spent the last two month back in Ireland to support the local SEN group with some UC projects.
I applied at a couple of places to study and get my B.Sc. and will start in October in the Bavarian City Regensburg.
Beside college I plan to work as a freelancer trainer/consultant for UC stuff to get a couple of extra Euro in for college. Thanks to the SBB (Stiftung Begabtenförderungswerk Berufliche Bildung) that offered me a scholarship I don’t need to work full time beside college anymore.
Last but not least I managed in Ireland as well to finally update my MCSE 2000/2003 certificate to Windows Server 2008! I did not do the Enterprise Admin as of yet because I want to wait for the Windows 7 certification to come along.
The first few test installations of the new Microsoft Exchange 2010 are running and connected as usual via a gateway to the HiPath 3000 and the basic feature set is all working fine. I did not do that much investigation as I was busy working/applying for school and looking for a new home…
If anyone needs help with the new MS certification or is unsure about the requirements just let me know. Same if you want to apply for a scholarship at the SBB as well.

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