Siemens says: Certification Pioneer

Browsing through the Siemens Enterprise Communications certification website to check if there are any new certs available, I found my name on the latest news post. 

The post is basically about the first 3000 people being SOCx certified globally and I am together with four other lads the one and only certified person in our countries. (“Aldin Vucinic from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Holden Laidla from Eastland, Benedikt Riedel from Ireland, Kurian Cherian from Kuwait and Ian Bruce from Malta.”)

Luckily I am treated as Ireland and not Germany, because there are the most certified people. 

Thank you Siemens, to post my name without telling me 😉 

The entire article can be found here


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it depends on which state you live in I live in texas and am unarmed security officer, so here you are required to pass the tests and you must go through a company to get the certification which then goes through DPS the state troopers ect.

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