A little school project

For my “Sozialkunde” lesson my group had to work out a presentation and a poster that shows the symbols and signs used by right wing extremists.
Attached you will find the poster that is just about to be printed for the opening day next week. If you spot any errors let me know because I am not really an expert if you start talking about this kind of stuff.

The poster has DIN A1 size so it may take a bit until it is fully displayed (~2MB)


How To Install a Counter-Strike 1.6 Stand Alone Server


How to install a Counter-Strike 1.6 Stand Alone Server on a (Debian) Linux Operating System Root Server using the console.
The below manual includes a detailed description on how to setup an internet gaming server for Counter-Strike version 1.6. It shows how to setup a start script for CS and how to use crontab to start the server after a server start-up automatically.

Install A Counter-Strike 1.6 Server PDF

Now a small ad from my end. Some of you may hunt grouse to relax or play solitaire others like me enjoy a quick round Counter-Strike. For instant fun I have setup a CS 1.6 server running the GunGame 2.12 plugin. I would love to see this server being busy all day it is hosted in Germany and reachable using: :: GunGame v2.12 – 32 Slot – 1000 FPS – German ::

Happy New 2009

I wish all of you a good start into the year 2009!

Just 1,91% of all PCs are fully patched!

This is the shocking headline that you can find today on secunia’s blog.
This is the shocking headline that you can find today on secunia’s blog. In my career I have been talking to several IT managers in several companies and there is no trend to a patched server/client environment. Microsoft is providing the WSUS 3.0 to deploy Windows Updates throughout a company with even thousands of servers secure and fast.
It is important to everyone to keep the systems patched not just the OS the applications as well otherwise the milw0rm readers will have it easy to crack the individuals system.

Access hidden menu of Siemens Gigaset Cordless devices

All of the Siemens DECT phones of the Gigaset series have an inbuilt service menu that can be accessed to get additional software or hardware information or to enable the survey mode to do a DECT survey with just a phone instead of the survey kit.
To enable it:
1. Power it off
2. Press 1 – 4 – 7 while powering it on
3. Enter the code 76200
4. Thats it 🙂

Windows 2003 Server Domain Controller Installation

The second document (more than 100 pages) in the Windows Server 2003 series explains the setup of an Active Directory Domain Controller in a standalone domain.
It includes the promotion of a standard Windows Server 2003 to a Domain Controllers, shows step by step the setup of the DNS (reverse) server and the DHCP service installation and configuration. A description in how to manage and design the organisation units are part of it as well as creating users and moving objects such as PCs into different OUs. It describes how to add a second DC and how to move the operations master. The synchronisation of the time on the root domain controller and the schedule this operation is part of the documentation as well.

Download Document

This is part II of the series of step by step guides to Windows Server 2003.

Windows Server 2003 First Steps and basic usage

I wrote a short document for everyone who wants to get a fresh Microsoft Windows Server 2003 installation properly configured. The attached file shows the most important command prompt commands e.g. ipconfig, ping or tracert, the nice MS features Performance Monitor and Event viewer as well as first setup steps for a proper system speed.
It shows step by step how to setup the advanced settings and remove unnecessary default applications that the installation suits any application that can sit on top of a server 2003 installation including the domain controller roll, exchange, OCS, OpenScape Xpressions or ProCenter.

Download Document

This is part I of the series of step by step guides to Windows Server 2003.

Assign log on as a service user rights to a local system account via GPO using WMI Filters

On a couple of customer sites I had the issue that the local security policy entry Log on As A Service was controlled via GPO and our applications did not start properly because the local user account did not have the required access rights.
Attached you will find a manual I wrote to show you how to modify those entries and how to setup an WMI Filter to only apply the new GPO to the required servers to save you creating several OUs.

Download PDF

Enjoy reading.
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New Version of Network Tracer Wireshark

Wireshark 1.0.3 has been released. Installers for Windows, Mac OS X Intel 10.5, and source code is now available.

Updates in this release:
Security-related bugs in the NCP dissector, zlib compression code, and Tektronix .rf5 file parser have been fixed.
WPA group key decryption is now supported. A bug that could cause packets to be wrongly dissected as “Redback Lawful Intercept” has been fixed.
This release includes an experimental package for Mac OS X Intel 10.5. For a complete list of changes, please refer to the 1.0.3 release notes.
Official releases are available right now from the download page.

Website moved back to Germany

After one year in Ireland I finally moved back my homepage onto my colocation server in Germany hosted in the myLoc datacenter in Duesseldorf.

The Facts

  • Modern data center
  • 10,1 Gbit Backbone
  • Redundant Layer 3 Backbone Router
  • min. 99% reliability
  • Marken-Hardware
  • Argon fire-fighting system
  • Redundant air condition
  • Redundant energy supply
  • UPS and generator
  • 24/7 security service

The hardware and stats of the server can be checked below:


Bandwidth utilization bar