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How To Request A Trusted Server Certificate For HiPath Xpressions

We all know it. You browse to a Website and a Security Alert appears. The homepage should not be trusted. We only press Yes to continue to the homepage but in fact we can easily go by accident to a phishing page.
A not trusted certificate can also mean that the CA (Certificate Authority) was hacked and people can read the passwords, emails or see whatever we do on this web site.
For applications like HiPath Xpressions where you can access your email inbox if unified messaging is enabled absolutely critical!
By klicking onto View Certificate we can identify the reason why it is untrusted exactly. It can either be an untrusted Root CA that issued the certificate or the FQDN of the server is incorrect.
OpenSSL LogoHiPath Xpressions WebApl is based on OpenSSL so it is fairly easy to create a new certificate with this open standard platform.

A full How To about issueing a certificate can be downloaded under the following link.

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