How To Install a Counter-Strike 1.6 Stand Alone Server


How to install a Counter-Strike 1.6 Stand Alone Server on a (Debian) Linux Operating System Root Server using the console.
The below manual includes a detailed description on how to setup an internet gaming server for Counter-Strike version 1.6. It shows how to setup a start script for CS and how to use crontab to start the server after a server start-up automatically.

Install A Counter-Strike 1.6 Server PDF

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Hy i have a problem .. i got the latest updater tool but when i want to install the content using cmd i enter the folowing:

C:\HLSever>HldsUpdateTool.exe -command update -game cstrike -dir C:\CSS it gives me the following i quote:”Cannot open blob archive file: CMultiFieldBlob(mem-mapped file):File does not exist and failed to create new file

i dont know what to do and i want to get a server up and runing for my clan and i heard that with a standalone server its better pls reply if you can haelp me thank you in advance

If you run the dedicated server using windows you can simply download the addon using your steam client >> Tools > Source Dedicated Server…

other than that this issue would be related to your operating system… maybe another program is conflicting with your steam installation

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