How to disable Trend Micro Office Scan Password

In order to unload or uninstall the Trend Micro Office Scan suite you are required to enter a password. One of my friends’ old notebook still had it installed and as some might know the LAN connections are disabled until the office scan is loaded… This can be a very painful operation.


In order to remove it simply do that:

Browse to the c:\program files\XXX directory or simply search your system drive for the Ofcscan.ini

In this file uncomment the line Uninstall_Pwd= by putting a # in front of it

After the deselected line put Uninstall_Pwd=70 and try the removal again. The value 70 is the hash for an ordinary 1. So in order to uninstall the package simply use the password 1.

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hey, whoever’s reading this:

just a warning/tip, remember to put the “#” BEFORE the text instead of replacing the text after it with “#”. as of now…i think im pretty much screwed, since there’s no way i remember all that stuff after Uninstall_Pwd…unless its the same for everyone. in that case, could someone tell me the text? many thanks!

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It would be nice if this worked, I even changed from 0 to 1 about a line or 2 above “Client_Use_HTTP=1

rebooted computer, still didn’t work.

nobody is probably watching this post anymore, but if you are, password “!crypt!” that’s not the actual password, if it were, we wouldn’t be trying any of this other stuff. If you modify the crypted password, then you are messing with the real password, don’t let your bosses catch you.

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