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As a long time Opera user I finally changed to FireFox. 2.0.04! The speed is not very pretty and the settings you have under Tools – Options are really skinny. Did you ever try to type into a new tab “about:config“. You can change some of these “config” entries to speed up your browsers performance:

First of all I recommend you to make a backup of the existing configuration. In Vista you will find the profile file under “C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\<PROFILE.ID>.default” Simply copy this folder to a different location so that you can restore it in case something goes wrong.

Within this tons of settings I found some really useful! Changes in the config are active immediately.

This opens the search result to a search done via the “search option” in a new tab. so you save pressing Ctrl+N.


Same behaviour for Bookmarks. How often do you overwrite an open page by simply opening a bookmark?


If you are a heavy Internet surfer you should change this to 32. This are the simultaneous connections that FireFox can establish.


If you download multiple files from a specific server you should set this value higher (16)


If you don’t want FireFox to take around 80MB of your memory just adjust this value (KByte)

Further information and examples are given on this very good wiki style page

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I thought I knew my SEO tactics (not that I employ it all that much) but I never realized that bolding and italicizing affected keyword perception from the bots. Thanks for the tip — I’ll be mindful of this in the future.ariAri Koinuma´s last blog post..

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