Cisco says byebye to Linksys and hello VMWare

Cisco finally decided to kill the brand Linksys. About four years ago Cisco bought Linksys and used this name to sell low end equipment like home use routers and low cost switches. The history as by my knowledge was that the brand Linksys was a couple of years back higher recognized than Cisco.
The biggest issue about Linksys is that Cisco didn’t manage to provide good quality with the latest products and this is why the name Linksys went down. Especially in the Wireless LAN sector.
The move to rename the brand to Cisco is the next logical step to cut losses.
Also Cisco tries at the moment to invest 150 million USD into VMWare. The very best virtual machine software on the market would fit perfectly into Cisco’s new Green Data Centre strategy.
Now Microsoft has to move forward. Will Virtual Server 2007 with Service Pack 1 finally be able to host all Linux distributions? Or will they stick to their technology partner Nortel.
The future for Cisco and the new strategy looks especially in the US very well. We will see how Microsoft reacts… Windows 2008 is a good step but the new platform requires logically a lot of new servers if you want to use the new security features.
And a Virtual Server support is so far not planned for core elements.

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Review by Ian Wiebkin for Broadband)Rating: I saw this router came top in the Which? reeivw and despite some bad reeivws on Amazon I decided to go ahead and buy it. This was a bad move. Initially the router was easy to set up and worked well initially.About 3 months after purchase it started losing connection to the Internet which was resolved by unplugging and plugging back in the telephone line or re-booting the router. This problem became more and more frequent and then to top it all I had problems connecting wirelessly. Although my desktop PC could connect to the Internet OK the laptops in the house could only see’ a local connection. Even when I was able to connect wirelessly, the router also started to drop wireless connections regularly. I installed the latest firmware on the Linksys site (V1.00.12) to no avail. I used the Linksys online agent facility to try and resolve the issue. They told me I needed to carry out a full reset’ on the router.1. Press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds.2. Then, unplug the power keep holding down the reset button for another 30 Seconds.3. Plug back the power back in, and keep holding down the reset button for 30 Seconds.4. Release the reset button. This seemed to work for a while but then the problem came back. I seemed to be able to persuade it to let laptops connect wirelessly with no encryption, but as soon as I introduced encryption it failed.I used the Linksys online agent facility again. This time they asked me to upgrade the firmware to the most stable firmware for the router. This turned out to (V1.00.10) which surprisingly was the firmware that the router was delivered with! I aired my surprise and concern but did as I was asked. They told me that if this did not cure the problem that they would send me a new one if it was still under warranty. I said it was as I only bought it in January 2009 although the conversation was very worrying and went like this:Dave: Serial Number: SSH00H405937Model WAG160N-UKDescription WAG160N-UK, Wireless-N ADSL2+ GatewayOrig. Manufactured: Apr 01 2008HW Warranty Expiration (est.) Oct 23 2009 [09:50:21 AM]Ian: I’m really not sure what you are saying are you suggesting that the warranty starts from the date you manufacture an item rather than the date I buy it? [09:47:11 AM]Dave: I am afraid Yes. [09:51:38 AM]I’m sure this would stand up under UK consumer law but disturbing all the same.Anyway the firmware downgrade’ still did not cure the issue and I contacted them again.This time the agent promised me that I would get an e-mail tomorrow’ telling me how to return the router. No e-mail arrived so I e-mailed them again but I got no reply.In exasperation and two months after starting this quest’ eventually I got them to give me a returns code via another agent. But do note: Under the warranty agreement you as a customer have to pay the postage costs to the Netherlands to return the item. You also only get a refurbished router in return.I haven’t received my replacement yet, but I think the experience so far is worth posting a reeivw. Just Google WAG160N problem’ to see how many people are experiencing issues.In essence Linksys (Cisco) have got something VERY wrong with this router and their customer service leaves a lot to be desired. I will not be buying another Linksys router!In case you are wondering if I am a bit of a nupmty and don’t know one end of a router from another I am an IT Consultant and have worked in the industry for 25 years.VA:F [1.9.20_1166](from 0 votes)

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