OpenScape Xpressions V6.0 Web Client and Extensions

I am very glad that finally, five month after Cycos released MRS 8.0, Siemens managed to release the new OpenScape Xpressions v6.0 R0. I downloaded the new version yesterday and set it up quickly. The Voicemail / Unified Messaging part did not change much from Xpressions v5.0, the feature set is still the same and […]

Windows Server 2008 release announced

Microsoft plans to release Windows Server 2008 on February 27th 2008 at an event in LA.
At the same tim MS will also release SQL Server 2008 and the Visual Studio 2008. All the releases will be worldwide on this day with this event.
The biggest strengh of Windows Server 2008 is NAP (Network Access Protection). […]

Bandwidth utilization bar