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OpenScape Xpressions V6.0 Web Client and Extensions

I am very glad that finally, five month after Cycos released MRS 8.0, Siemens managed to release the new OpenScape Xpressions v6.0 R0. I downloaded the new version yesterday and set it up quickly. The Voicemail / Unified Messaging part did not change much from Xpressions v5.0, the feature set is still the same and so is the installer.

New are some add-on features such as:

Web Conferencing

Voice Conferencing

Instant Messanging

Presence Profiles

Web Client

The first video will demonstrate you the new Web Client and Audio Conferencing! Unfortunately I only have a HiPath 3000 and no Dialogic card, so I cannot install SIP Control for the SIP Trunk that is required for the Audio Conferencing.

The other video will show you the new OpenScape Xpressions Extensions, the new CTI extensions for OpenScape Xpressions v6.0. The main focus is on Prensence and Instant Messaging.

*** UPDATE *** I have added a new video showing the Outlook Extensions, to schedule Web and Voice Conferences.

If there are any questions about the application feel free to contact me!

Windows 2003

Windows 2003 Server Domain Controller Installation

The second document (more than 100 pages) in the Windows Server 2003 series explains the setup of an Active Directory Domain Controller in a standalone domain.
It includes the promotion of a standard Windows Server 2003 to a Domain Controllers, shows step by step the setup of the DNS (reverse) server and the DHCP service installation and configuration. A description in how to manage and design the organisation units are part of it as well as creating users and moving objects such as PCs into different OUs. It describes how to add a second DC and how to move the operations master. The synchronisation of the time on the root domain controller and the schedule this operation is part of the documentation as well.

Download Document

This is part II of the series of step by step guides to Windows Server 2003.

Windows 2003

Windows Server 2003 First Steps and basic usage

I wrote a short document for everyone who wants to get a fresh Microsoft Windows Server 2003 installation properly configured. The attached file shows the most important command prompt commands e.g. ipconfig, ping or tracert, the nice MS features Performance Monitor and Event viewer as well as first setup steps for a proper system speed.
It shows step by step how to setup the advanced settings and remove unnecessary default applications that the installation suits any application that can sit on top of a server 2003 installation including the domain controller roll, exchange, OCS, OpenScape Xpressions or ProCenter.

Download Document

This is part I of the series of step by step guides to Windows Server 2003.

Windows 2003

Assign log on as a service user rights to a local system account via GPO using WMI Filters

On a couple of customer sites I had the issue that the local security policy entry Log on As A Service was controlled via GPO and our applications did not start properly because the local user account did not have the required access rights.
Attached you will find a manual I wrote to show you how to modify those entries and how to setup an WMI Filter to only apply the new GPO to the required servers to save you creating several OUs.

Download PDF

Enjoy reading.

Windows 2003

PHP 5.x with IIS 6.0

Due to a hardware fault on our old web server I had to move this homepage to a new machine.

Previously we were running on Debian Linux with the Apache web server. The server I had “spare” is a Windows 2003 Server machine. I installed the IIS 6.0 on it and configured the PHP extensions.

I had serious issues getting it up and running on the different web sites so I will show you with this manual how you can easily install PHP on IIS 6.0 and troubleshoot if you have any issues.

For those who are interested here is the System Info of our new web server.

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