Monitor Upgrade done

The last three weeks I was looking around for my perfect new monitor and I found and received it. 


After 5 years and 7 month with my old 19″ BenQ Flatscreen it was time to get something bigger. So I ordered from my companys webshop (Fujitsu Siemens Computers) the AMILO Display SL 3260W. It is a 26″ wide screen monitor with 1.920 x 1.200 resolution and a nice black colour! (Datasheet)

The new resolution makes video and picture editing way easier and I can run several RPD and VM sessions on the same screen, so I can dump my old one and save some energy! 

I can totally recommend that screen with a VGA and DVI input and some speakers inbuilt especially due to its good value with 299.00 Euro

Below a screenshot of my new desktop… (Its not easy to get nice wall papers with that resolution)



Internetausbau in Deutschland

Ich musste einen Kurzvortrag in Sozialkunde ausarbeiten, der sich mit einem aktuellen Thema beschaeftigt. Meine Wahl fiel schliesslich auf den Plan 100 % Deutschlands mit Breitbandinternetzugang (Geschwindigkeit > 1 Mbit/s) auszustatten. Dieses Projekt wird von der Regierung gefoerdert und soll bis 2010 abgeschlossen sein. Beigefuegt finden Sie das Handout und die Statistiken dazu. Mein Vortrag war frei und ohne jegliche ppt. Themen wie “Digitale Dividende” oder “Bandbreiten International” wurde gesondert behandelt, so dass das Referat netto knapp fuenf Minuten in Anspruch nahm und die Fragerunde im Anschluss ca. 20 Minuten. Ich hoffe das Handout bietet Informationen fuer andere in einer aehnlichen Lage. new1


The Beatles Albums

Below an overview of every Bealtes album cover ever released. The picture is available in two resolution and can be downloaded.


Get this picture:

1024 x 768

1280 x 960

non protected pptx



Another file found on my HDD

While deleting old backups I found this old Counter-Strike preview movie of my former mutligaming clan. This video is about four years old and was the preview to the official terraX CS movie which was unfortunately never released.

[media id=15 width=580 height=440]


A little school project

For my “Sozialkunde” lesson my group had to work out a presentation and a poster that shows the symbols and signs used by right wing extremists.
Attached you will find the poster that is just about to be printed for the opening day next week. If you spot any errors let me know because I am not really an expert if you start talking about this kind of stuff.

The poster has DIN A1 size so it may take a bit until it is fully displayed (~2MB)



Access hidden menu of Siemens Gigaset Cordless devices

All of the Siemens DECT phones of the Gigaset series have an inbuilt service menu that can be accessed to get additional software or hardware information or to enable the survey mode to do a DECT survey with just a phone instead of the survey kit.
To enable it:
1. Power it off
2. Press 1 – 4 – 7 while powering it on
3. Enter the code 76200
4. Thats it 🙂


Summer Holiday Fuerteventura 2008

The last two weeks I spent in Germany and Fuerteventura for the Kite- and Windsurfing World Cup 2008.

I will put on the pictures as soon as I receive them of my mates. It was a nice 8 days, 6 lads all inclusive holidays 😉

I have to say after watching those guys and girls kiting I really start loving this and tried it myself “off water”. The feeling is amazing if just the equipment wouldn’t be that expensive!

Below a Youtube video about the party tent that was put in place for the World Cup.