VirtualBox 1.5 released

Innotek the German company behind VirtualBox released version 1.5 of their virtualization product.

Innotek became famous with the programming of Virtual PC for Windows. The new version now supports 64 Bit Host operating systems and basically all Windows and Linux Operating systems (>2.4)

Virtual Box is an open source product and I will use in future in my home lab for virtual machines. I tested so far on it Windows Vista / 2008 Server Beta 2 and Debian Linux.

The new network stack within VirtualBox will be tested the next days when I setup the active directory connector between my openLDAP and the Windows 2008 Beta Domain. I am looking forward to this one 😉

Also for a project there is a plan to setup a Internet simulation with several domains and a website cache to test E-Mail notification using the new Siemens Xpressions Compact 3.0 hardware.


Windows Home Server coming in November

Windows Home Server is about to be released in the close future!

For those who do not know the product it is a operating system based on Windows Server 2003 SBS without Exchange. Microsoft aims with this product families with multiple PCs that want to share file, printers and other devices.

As one of the first manufacturers will FSC release this product for about 600 Euro including 500GB diskspace and 800 Euro for 1TB diskspace. If WHS will be a success depents on the way microsoft is rolling it out with Windows Live!

This way you are able to access your files whereever you are and you are able to share it with whomever you want by some simple clicks. I have to say that I did not try the beta or the 120 day free trial so far, but in my eyes a NAS (network access storage) device can do thesame job if you administer it right?

A picture of the very well looking Scaleo Home Server 1500 is available if you click more…


Cisco says byebye to Linksys and hello VMWare

Cisco finally decided to kill the brand Linksys. About four years ago Cisco bought Linksys and used this name to sell low end equipment like home use routers and low cost switches. The history as by my knowledge was that the brand Linksys was a couple of years back higher recognized than Cisco.
The biggest issue about Linksys is that Cisco didn’t manage to provide good quality with the latest products and this is why the name Linksys went down. Especially in the Wireless LAN sector.
The move to rename the brand to Cisco is the next logical step to cut losses.
Also Cisco tries at the moment to invest 150 million USD into VMWare. The very best virtual machine software on the market would fit perfectly into Cisco’s new Green Data Centre strategy.
Now Microsoft has to move forward. Will Virtual Server 2007 with Service Pack 1 finally be able to host all Linux distributions? Or will they stick to their technology partner Nortel.
The future for Cisco and the new strategy looks especially in the US very well. We will see how Microsoft reacts… Windows 2008 is a good step but the new platform requires logically a lot of new servers if you want to use the new security features.
And a Virtual Server support is so far not planned for core elements.


HiPath OpenScape

Presence-Based, Real-Time, Multi-Resource Communications

Rising complexity of doing business in a global economy is an issue that has to be adressed from a communications perspective.

Siemens does this with a new multimodal communications application called OpenScape. OpenScape is an open, presence-aware, real-time communications software suite designed to quickly and easily synchronize people and information to facilitate action or decision-making.

OpenScape is the solution if you run your business not from a single location or if you have technicians or sales force on the road. With OpenScape you can create phone conferences. You do not have to dial in, OpenScape rings you!

Your customer wants to reach you, but all he has is the number of your office, wouldnt it be nice if a application forwards this call to the number where you really can be reached?

During the next couple of weeks I will get OpenScape setup in a test environment based on Microsoft LCS 2005 and tell you if it really does its job and if it is easy to use and maintain.

Siemens Open Communications for Open Minded!


New Asterisk Maintenace Release

The Asterisk development team proudly announced the releases of versions 1.2.20 and 1.4.6!

These maintenance releases were published just two weeks after the last ones. The development team fixed around 100 bugs on the free soft PBX.

These releases are available for download from They are distributed as both tar balls and patch sets against the previous releases. All release files have been signed with GPG keys from members of the Digium software development team to ensure authenticity.

The worrying bit is that Asterisk is talking about 100 big discovered bugs in just 2 weeks. Due to growing amount of users it is obvious that more bugs are found but the question I am asking can you securely use Asterisk in a business environment.


Go Unified!

Welcome to Unified Communications – Go Unified.

On this blog I will provide you detailed information and updates about Siemens HiPath and Microsoft UC.

The start will be a Step-by-Step guide of installing and maintaining a full Voice over IP soft switch. I will show you how to connect it to your existing HiPath environment to enable mobile / VPN access for communications where ever and when ever you need it. Most of the products used here are open source or freeware. Due to this you can easily try all of the examples given at home or in your office.

I hope you will enjoy exploring a new level of communication.