Just 1,91% of all PCs are fully patched!

This is the shocking headline that you can find today on secunia’s blog.

This is the shocking headline that you can find today on secunia’s blog. In my career I have been talking to several IT managers in several companies and there is no trend to a patched server/client environment. Microsoft is providing the WSUS 3.0 […]

New Version of Network Tracer Wireshark

Wireshark 1.0.3 has been released. Installers for Windows, Mac OS X Intel 10.5, and source code is now available.

Updates in this release:
Security-related bugs in the NCP dissector, zlib compression code, and Tektronix .rf5 file parser have been fixed.
WPA group key decryption is now supported. A bug that could cause packets to be wrongly dissected as […]

Website moved back to Germany

After one year in Ireland I finally moved back my homepage onto my colocation server in Germany hosted in the myLoc datacenter in Duesseldorf.

The Facts

Modern data center
10,1 Gbit Backbone
Redundant Layer 3 Backbone Router
min. 99% reliability
Argon fire-fighting system
Redundant air condition
Redundant energy supply
UPS and generator
24/7 security service

The hardware […]

My Future >> Germany

After almost three years here in Ireland I finally made the decision to move back to good old Germany. The main reason is that I want to develop myself personally as well as professionally. A proper school education is important for my future life so I will leave after six years the very best company […]

eyeOS – the future ???

I was just chatting with an old friend from Germany and he showed me this nice little application called eyeOS.
I didn’t waste any second and installed it on my LAB web server.
You can reach it using http://me.go-unified.com/eyeOS/ and login with username and password: demo
The lazy people can also just click here to find see a […]

sipX version 3.10 released

A bit late but I was busy doing some work on mt OCS installation. For this Friday there is a customer demo planned with MS Exchange 2007, OCS 2007 connected to a HiPath 3800 via a sipX gateway and the ESTOS Call Control Gateway.
At least I finally got it kind of installed and just found […]

The best friends in the world… ever!

Who would have thought I manage to do that
Out of nowhere my best friend Nadine brought me onto the first page of todays Irish Independent! Whooooooooot!!!! Unfortunately the shot is not the greatest but it was early, I was tired so I have more tear sac than eye
But check it out yourself


Siemens Answers

As a loving Siemens Employee I have to youtube this video and put it on my homepage. It is well made and shows what Siemens is about – no SEN but still – Siemens together we can do that!

TCP / UDP traffic router sipX

Last week I spend about 10 hours installing my unified-communications.local domain. It is a Windows 2003 Server Domain containing five servers: Domain Controller with Sub C, Exchange 2007 Server, OCS 2007 Standard Server, OCS 2007 Edge Server and an OCS 2007 Mediation Server.
I tried to network the Microsoft UC applications to our HiPath Open Communications […]

New Software and a nice URL

After a few month absence from my private life I am back and there is whole bunch of new software versions out on the market!
VirtualBox Closed Source 1.5.4 http://virtualbox.org/
Fine new features like RDP, USB and also USB over RDP are available using the closed source version.
Asterisk 1.6.0 http://www.asterisk.org/
Lots of new stuff like new dial […]

Bandwidth utilization bar