Status Update

Me is not dead!

After I finished my 1 year “BOS” in Weißenburg/Germany, I have spent the last two month back in Ireland to support the local SEN group with some UC projects.
I applied at a couple of places to study and get my B.Sc. and will start in October in the Bavarian City Regensburg.

Beside college […]

Siemens says: Certification Pioneer

Browsing through the Siemens Enterprise Communications certification website to check if there are any new certs available, I found my name on the latest news post. 

The post is basically about the first 3000 people being SOCx certified globally and I am together with four other lads the one and only certified person in our countries. (“Aldin Vucinic from Bosnia-Herzegovina, […]

ESL BOINC Race finished

After just a couple of days the BOINC race is finished because the guys in Israel didn’t get enough data in to utilize the offered  CPU power fully! 
Unfortunately I just managed to finish as second within the electronic sports league team, but considering the competition this is quite an acceptable position! It was a nice race, […] usage statistics

I setup a couple of weeks back webalizer on this webserver to see how many visitors the URL does daily/monthly and below the results! 

3848 visitors in an average daily caused almost 38 Gigabyte of traffic, which is mostly due to the videos and the Counter-Strike maps on that web site. I hope this value […]

LAN Gaming Event in Absberg

Am kommenden Sonntag, den 05.04.2009 veranstaltet die BOS Technik Weissenburg eine LAN Party in der Huettn in Absberg. Es werden neben einigen Schuelern und Freunden noch ein paar Plaetze fuer sonstige LAN interessierte frei sein. 
Zu den Eckdaten:

Ende 07.04.2009
Kosten ca. 10 Euro
Faire Getraenkepreise
Schnelles (Gigabit) Netzwerk und WLAN

Weitere Informationen und Anmeldung unter


I joined a few days back the Electronic Sports League BOINC Race, to support that team getting a couple of points. I use my infrastructure since november last year to support several projects and universities. 
Some details about my current status can be found here and the latest ranking and stats within the ESL can be found […]

Hello Beatles ;)

For a friend I just made a couple of easy Microsoft Powerpoint backgrounds. He is going to do up a presenation about his most favorite band.
Feel free to look at the pictures below… The pictures can be used as wallpapers as well.

For all pictures simply expand this page!

New web page layout

After more than a year with Nathans ElegantBlue template I decided to move on to a totally new style. After browsing the wordpress template page I found what I was looking for. A very flexible one developed by BytesForAll. I modified the header a bit to suit the content of the website and changed a […]

A couple of things to do…

After a couple of years working with already built applications and doing website programming with simple XML and PHP one of my friends inspired me to try something new. So I got myself the new Adobe Flash CS 4.0 and just finished downloading Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2008. This is going to be quite […]

Happy New 2009

I wish all of you a good start into the year 2009!

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