Access hidden menu of Siemens Gigaset Cordless devices

All of the Siemens DECT phones of the Gigaset series have an inbuilt service menu that can be accessed to get additional software or hardware information or to enable the survey mode to do a DECT survey with just a phone instead of the survey kit.
To enable it:
1. Power it off
2. Press 1 – 4 – 7 while powering it on
3. Enter the code 76200
4. Thats it πŸ™‚

18 comments to Access hidden menu of Siemens Gigaset Cordless devices

  • Javier

    Hi, thanks for the information.

    I need change the speech language for the base Gigaset C595. The answering machine is in english, you kown how to change? I not found this answer. Can you help me?

    Thanks in adavance,


  • marius

    I tried the same code on Siemens Gigaset 2011 handset and is not working. Do you have any idea what can be done in order to reset to the factory settings?


  • kuki


    Enter your main menu:

    β€’Press menu key and enter * # 0 5 #

    then enter the numbers: 2 1 (for Voice Prompt Language) (slowly or pausedly) and then digit numbers 2-10 (each number is for a specific language.

  • Diego

    Hello Kuki. I’ve just bought a Gigaset SL785.
    As it is a German version, all recorded messages for the answering machine are in german too.
    I’ve tried your recomendation of pressing menu key and * # 0 5 # after it, then 2 1. After it, it offers me to enter a number between 0 and 9. I’ve tried to enter every number but the language of the recorded message is always german.

    What am I doing wrong?.

    Thank you.

  • Mathijs

    Very, very interesting! I managed to change the language from german to english but nothing else happens. And what are the other options?

  • Sam Biggs

    Gigaset S850H – Change character set
    Hold 1 & 4 & 7 then power on to start in service mode
    Press 7 , 6 , 2 , 0 , 0 to reach the service menu
    scroll down to the “character set” option.

    Thanks for your help. Gigaset helpline told me (twice) that this couldn’t be done!

  • Kuben

    E630 says “please wait” on screen what can I do?

  • Marty

    My S820A blacklist is full. How do I empty it?

  • I forgot my Gigaset E630h Handset Pin. Since I can’t access the menu. How do I recover it or how do I reset the handset to default?

  • All Gigaset Hansets are reset to factory default by the following:
    β€’ Switch off handset
    β€’ Hold down the keys 1, 4, 7 and switch the handset on
    β€’ “Service” will be displayed
    β€’ Enter 4 6 8 5 4 6 3
    β€’ The handset switches off

  • Omcho

    I have Gigaset c300 duo
    I cant change preselection code, i tried to follow instructions in manual, but there od not even That option…help pls

  • Martin

    I was trying to do a reset (via “settings”) on a Gigaset S68H.

    Unfortunately it now seems to be stuck in a reset loop (just continually shows the egg-timer) – and the keypad is completely unresponsive, so I can’t switch it off, and the 1 4 7 approach doesn’t work either.

    Just wondered if anyone else has experienced this, and has found a solution?

    Many thanks,

  • Vincent

    The touch-srcreen on my S820A doesn’t work. How can I do to restor or to calibrate this touch-screen?

  • Ilias

    I have the S68H and S810 headsets connected to the S685 IP base. The answering machine language is in German and I want to change it to English. On the S68H I followed the 1+4+7+Power On (on the S810 you have to press 1+4+Power On to get to the services menu), then 7-6-2-0-0 and got to the hidden menu. No option for answering machine language or anything like that.
    After power on, I tried Menu-*-#-0-5-* but it takes me back to the default start screen. Menu-*-#-0-6-* shows me some information about the headset.
    I have found no way of changing the answering machine language. What am I missing? Thanks.

  • steve wylie

    G’Day guy’s I hope you can help me
    I recently brought 2 x new home phones
    gigaset E630a Go DECT & the messages are prompted in German,
    I believe their is a hidden menu & that
    I may be able to change this annoying aspect.
    It would be appreciated if you could explain the sequence to change to English.
    Regards Steve Wylie

  • Milan Dautovic

    I have the Gigaset A120 and I’m trying to amplify the sound of the headphones (both the bell and speech). I enter the service mode with 147 and then code 76200. Some options are opened, but I do not know how to get to the enhancement and whether it is foreseen at all.
    Is there an option for that at all?
    Is there a complete list of all service mode options?

  • Roberts

    hello My Gigaset A170 has lose the contact to the basestation. (flashing “Base”) How can i reconnect to the basestation?
    Best regards.

  • Jani


    I have Gigaset C530IP and someone change handset PIN and now handset is useless.
    How to restore handset to default settings. Ive tried with “Hold 1+4+7+batteries in(power on)”, “Hold 1+4+batteries in(power on)” but nothing happened.

    Is there something else I can do?

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