About Myself

My name is Benedikt Riedel and I’m the guy behind Go Unified. Let me take a moment to give you a bit of glimpse at who I am.
I’m a 33 year old German living in Naas Ireland. I am providing technical support on phone systems and unified messaging applications for well over three years.
I’ve been working since September 2002 for the Siemens AG in Germany and started blogging at the same time about electronic sport on – a site about an international gaming clan called terraX esports.
My focus these days was game server hosting on SuSe Linux systems and config tweaking for Counter-Strike.

Soon I realized that there is more in live than gaming, so I started in 2005 to work with Voice over IP and Microsoft integrations of HiPath applications. At work my special focus are the following tasks:

  • HiPath 3000 / 5000 – A medium sized phone system for up to 500 IP/TDM phones. I mainly work on internetworking these systems and test the latest software versions for compatibility.

  • HiPath Xpressions – A complex unified voice mail solution for an unlimited amount of users. My tasks are the installation of unified Xpressions solutions connected to Microsoft Exchange 2003 or Lotus Notes. Setting up and maintaining FAX integration and the TTS/EVO feature.

  • HiPath ProCenter – A high end Call Centre application. For about two month I maintain call centres in Ireland.

  • Microsoft Exchange – THE Mail service. I install and maintain multi server Exchange integrations. I realize interconnection with HiPath phone systems / applications and configure mobility or OWA. Backup solutions as well as disaster recovery finalize my tasks.

  • Beta Testing – I am testing the latest Microsoft Beta products to gain pre release knowledge and get a feeling for the new features I have to focus on.

I hope that’s given a glimpse of who I am and what I do. If you’re a HiPath or Exchange administrator and want to share information then I’d love to keep in touch. You can contact me the easiest via this blog or an email to and I’d love to hear from you about your experiences in the comments sections on my posts.

I enjoy good food and love a movie. My friends and the rare visits in a gym are the balance to my time consuming job.