Status Update

Me is not dead!

After I finished my 1 year “BOS” in Weißenburg/Germany, I have spent the last two month back in Ireland to support the local SEN group with some UC projects.
I applied at a couple of places to study and get my B.Sc. and will start in October in the Bavarian City Regensburg.
Beside college I plan to work as a freelancer trainer/consultant for UC stuff to get a couple of extra Euro in for college. Thanks to the SBB (Stiftung Begabtenförderungswerk Berufliche Bildung) that offered me a scholarship I don’t need to work full time beside college anymore.
Last but not least I managed in Ireland as well to finally update my MCSE 2000/2003 certificate to Windows Server 2008! I did not do the Enterprise Admin as of yet because I want to wait for the Windows 7 certification to come along.
The first few test installations of the new Microsoft Exchange 2010 are running and connected as usual via a gateway to the HiPath 3000 and the basic feature set is all working fine. I did not do that much investigation as I was busy working/applying for school and looking for a new home…
If anyone needs help with the new MS certification or is unsure about the requirements just let me know. Same if you want to apply for a scholarship at the SBB as well.


How to disable Trend Micro Office Scan Password

In order to unload or uninstall the Trend Micro Office Scan suite you are required to enter a password. One of my friends’ old notebook still had it installed and as some might know the LAN connections are disabled until the office scan is loaded… This can be a very painful operation.


In order to remove it simply do that:

Browse to the c:\program files\XXX directory or simply search your system drive for the Ofcscan.ini

In this file uncomment the line Uninstall_Pwd= by putting a # in front of it

After the deselected line put Uninstall_Pwd=70 and try the removal again. The value 70 is the hash for an ordinary 1. So in order to uninstall the package simply use the password 1.


Setting up a SIP provider on a Siemens HiPath 3000 PBX

Pre requirements:

  • HiPath 3000 V6.0 / V7.0 / V8.0 PBX
  • HXG 1500 card
  • Broadband Internet Access
  • A sip provider account (sipgate, qsc…)
  • HiPath 3000 Manager E
  • About 10 minutes time to set it up

You can view the tutorial online or download the PDF file here

First logon to the HXG 1500 and authenticate.



Siemens says: Certification Pioneer

Browsing through the Siemens Enterprise Communications certification website to check if there are any new certs available, I found my name on the latest news post. 

The post is basically about the first 3000 people being SOCx certified globally and I am together with four other lads the one and only certified person in our countries. (“Aldin Vucinic from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Holden Laidla from Eastland, Benedikt Riedel from Ireland, Kurian Cherian from Kuwait and Ian Bruce from Malta.”)

Luckily I am treated as Ireland and not Germany, because there are the most certified people. 

Thank you Siemens, to post my name without telling me 😉 

The entire article can be found here



ESL BOINC Race finished

After just a couple of days the BOINC race is finished because the guys in Israel didn’t get enough data in to utilize the offered  CPU power fully! 

Unfortunately I just managed to finish as second within the electronic sports league team, but considering the competition this is quite an acceptable position! It was a nice race, but sadly the crew did not keep the force properly posted, so a lot of CPU power was wasted along the way. 

Congrats to all the others that competed! You are doing a great job! 
HiPath Xpressions Windows 2003 Windows 2008

OpenScape Xpressions V6.0 Web Client and Extensions

I am very glad that finally, five month after Cycos released MRS 8.0, Siemens managed to release the new OpenScape Xpressions v6.0 R0. I downloaded the new version yesterday and set it up quickly. The Voicemail / Unified Messaging part did not change much from Xpressions v5.0, the feature set is still the same and so is the installer.

New are some add-on features such as:

Web Conferencing

Voice Conferencing

Instant Messanging

Presence Profiles

Web Client

The first video will demonstrate you the new Web Client and Audio Conferencing! Unfortunately I only have a HiPath 3000 and no Dialogic card, so I cannot install SIP Control for the SIP Trunk that is required for the Audio Conferencing.

The other video will show you the new OpenScape Xpressions Extensions, the new CTI extensions for OpenScape Xpressions v6.0. The main focus is on Prensence and Instant Messaging.

*** UPDATE *** I have added a new video showing the Outlook Extensions, to schedule Web and Voice Conferences.

If there are any questions about the application feel free to contact me!


Monitor Upgrade done

The last three weeks I was looking around for my perfect new monitor and I found and received it. 


After 5 years and 7 month with my old 19″ BenQ Flatscreen it was time to get something bigger. So I ordered from my companys webshop (Fujitsu Siemens Computers) the AMILO Display SL 3260W. It is a 26″ wide screen monitor with 1.920 x 1.200 resolution and a nice black colour! (Datasheet)

The new resolution makes video and picture editing way easier and I can run several RPD and VM sessions on the same screen, so I can dump my old one and save some energy! 

I can totally recommend that screen with a VGA and DVI input and some speakers inbuilt especially due to its good value with 299.00 Euro

Below a screenshot of my new desktop… (Its not easy to get nice wall papers with that resolution)


Announcements usage statistics

I setup a couple of weeks back webalizer on this webserver to see how many visitors the URL does daily/monthly and below the results! 


3848 visitors in an average daily caused almost 38 Gigabyte of traffic, which is mostly due to the videos and the Counter-Strike maps on that web site. I hope this value will go up and I get an average of 200 visitors daily! Thank you very much for visiting my page and I hope you will continue doing so!


LAN Gaming Event in Absberg

Am kommenden Sonntag, den 05.04.2009 veranstaltet die BOS Technik Weissenburg eine LAN Party in der Huettn in Absberg. Es werden neben einigen Schuelern und Freunden noch ein paar Plaetze fuer sonstige LAN interessierte frei sein. 

Zu den Eckdaten:

  • Ende 07.04.2009
  • Kosten ca. 10 Euro
  • Faire Getraenkepreise
  • Schnelles (Gigabit) Netzwerk und WLAN

Weitere Informationen und Anmeldung unter




I joined a few days back the Electronic Sports League BOINC Race, to support that team getting a couple of points. I use my infrastructure since november last year to support several projects and universities. 

Some details about my current status can be found here and the latest ranking and stats within the ESL can be found on that link. The ESL is usually a online esport league but have for a couple of years now a BOINC team as well. Lets hope I can support those guys in reaching their goal.